upskin II.


The depth of action of a radio frequency device is about half the distance between the electrodes. The intelligent fractionated multipolar radio frequency applicator allows the electrodes involved in current generation to be varied continuously.

This makes it possible to heat a multitude of layers of the skin to a great degree at different depths. This results in better results in view of a more diffuse stimulation of collagen*.

  • FOR WHO ?
    Loose and wrinkled skin, cellulite, stretch marks
    Face, neck, décolleté, body

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Multipolar radiofrequency

Radiofrequency waves are electromagnetic waves, which transform electrical energy into heat once administered to the dermis. Fractional radiofrequency consists of causing a multitude of temporary micro-injuries, by generating heating in the dermis. This increase in subcutaneous temperature makes it possible to generate significant collagen stimulation.

Fractional radiofrequency a technique that is similar to fractional rejuvenation lasers. Its principle consists of causing numerous temporary micro-injuries (by heating) in the dermis in order to generate significant collagen stimulation. The treatment applicator is made up of a multitude of current starting points (pins). Since the heated depth of the skin is approximately half the distance between the source electrodes, the applicator varies the two origins continuously in order to heat as many depths as possible. This is not possible with bi/multipolar radiofrequency, with which the heated depth is constant.

3 TREATMENT HEADS Large: arms, body and neck Medium: face Small: eye area
DIMENSIONS 46x32x100cm
TWO PULSE MODES Automatic or manual

micro injuries

Fractionated multipolar radiofrequency causes numerous temporary micro-injuries (by heating) in the dermis.



collagen stimulation

This technology uses waves to create collagen stimulation to help make the skin look tighter and smoother. A slight sensation of warmth will be felt. There is no discomfort during a radiofrequency session. No social eviction, but sometimes low intensity redness that lasts a few hours and that can be calmed by going under the LED light at the end of the session.

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lifted tissues

The tissues of the skin are lifted and the structural proteins of the skin have been regenerated. The session is not painful and there is no downtime. Sometimes a slight redness appears and lasts for several hours. The stitch can be soothed with LED therapy treatment.



An essential technology in any facial treatment!

Fractionated multipolar radiofrequency will safely heat the deep layers of the skin to a surface temperature of around 40 to 43°C in face care and 45°C in body care, which will cause contraction and immediate retraction of the fibers. of collagen present which will thus be stimulated to produce new collagen fibres. The expected effect is firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin, with a “lifting effect” visible in a few months. Radiofrequency also influences the sebaceous gland causing a decrease in volume. It is therefore indicated in all cases where the quantity of sebum must be reduced (acne, hyper-seborrhoea, etc.). The production of collagen helps firm the skin, reduce wrinkles and make the skin smoother, hydrated and luminous. Fractional multipolar radiofrequency (RF) therefore has the main effect of tissue rejuvenation and body firming.




From the first session with our Upskin II, the results are immediately visible and permanent.


Effective technology on all phototypes and all skin types.


And therefore very profitable.


Equipped with a heating system that goes up to 40 to 43°C for face treatments and 45°C for body treatments


Intuitive and simple, the touch interface is an 8′ LCD.


  • Wrinkle reduction
  • “Lifting” effect with firmed, smoothed skin
  • Overall improvement in skin texture
  • Reduction of sebum production
  • Amelioration of microcirculation
  • Visible reduction in cellulite and the appearance of stretch marks
  • Improved skin elasticity for up to 12 weeks after treatment
  • The double chin is reduced by up to 50%
  • Significant waistline reduction of up to 4.6 cm


Benefits for you

  • Simple and effective procedure
  • Quick treatment: +/- 15 to 20 minutes
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Suitable for all skin colors
  • Treatment possible in any season
  • Can be combined with other medi-aesthetic treatments in the same session


Benefits for your customers

  • No downtime, redness or inflammation
  • Tightened face, neck and décolleté skin
  • The double chin is reduced by 50% on average
  • Overall improvement in skin texture
  • Significant reduction in waist circumference: on average 4.6cm
  • Visible cellulite reduction
  • Increase in skin elasticity up to 12 weeks after treatment


Course of a session

Duration of the treatment

5 min on “small” areas: eye contour, perioral wrinkles 20 to 30 minutes in face treatment 45 min in body treatment

Precautions before the treatment

The client must not have been exposed to the sun in the 2 weeks before the treatment.

Additional equipment required