Toning lotion that restores the skin’s balance

SKIN TYPES-All skin types.

SKIN CONCERNS-Mixed to oily, skin with imperfections (blackheads, dilated pores, scars, pimples)

This toning lotion purifies, hydrates and repairs the skin, day after day, so that it becomes healthier, softer, more radiant and matt.


SPF 50+ Urban Sunscreen Cream

Discover Sun Protect, the optimal urban protection for your skin.

Designed specifically for the pace of modern life, this product combines SPF 50+ with advanced protection against blue light and external aggressors. Its innovative formula provides a complete defense against pollution and toxins, while offering a clearing effect and powerful antioxidant protection.

Light and quickly absorbed, it is perfectly suited to everyday use in an urban environment, Sun Protect leaves your skin soft and éclatant.

Protect and revitalize your skin with an all-in-one solution, for radiant skin every day.



Sun Protect combines effectiveness and practicality to soothe and protect your skin every day.

Its advanced formula creates a shield against blue lightpollution, and UVA and UVB, while promoting cell renewal for radiant skin.

All-in-1, it deeply moisturizesrests spots and inflammation, andstrengthens natural defenses and the cutaneous microbiome. This complete care product ensures softsupple, and resistant skin, ideal for daily use in urban environments.

This hyaluronic acid-rich moisturizing formula does not stick and is very waterproof

Our 50 ml tube slips easily into your handbag and allows you to measure out just the right amount of cream to use.

  • Protects against UVA and UVB rays
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Protects against everyday blue light
  • Acts against visible and invisible signs of cutaneous aging
  • Gives radiance to the complexion
  • Hydrates, densifies skin and reduces wrinkles
  • Strengthens water barrier
  • Lighten spots and even out skin tone



Sacadium (3%), Resveratrol, Vitamins E, Aloe Vera extract, Hyaluronic Acid