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30 Sachets

30-Day Drinkable Collagen Cure


All skin types

Wrinkles, Dehydration, Sagging Skin, Dull Complexion


Discover the secret to glowing, revitalized skin with our COLLAGEN COMPLEX.

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30-Day Drinkable Collagen Cure

Discover the secret to glowing, revitalized skin with our COLLAGEN COMPLEX.
  • Prevention of Aging
  • Hydration
  • Elasticity
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Protective Barrier
  • Unified complexion
  • Improved Texture


Designed specifically to support the health and beauty of your skin, this innovative product uses high-quality type 1 collagen peptides, extracted from fish from a European and sustainable fishery, ensuring maximum purity and efficacy. Each stick contains 5g of collagen as well as a carefully selected selection of active ingredients. This unique synergy not only promotes your body’s natural collagen production, but also supports cellular energy and overall skin health.

Whether you’re looking to reduce wrinkles, increase hydration, or simply give your skin a healthy, natural glow, we’ve got you covered!




Collagen is an essential component of our skin. It is what allows the different fabrics to “hold” each other. It is a link, essential for maintaining firm and plump skin. Unfortunately, over time, natural collagen production decreases sharply.

Hyaluronic acid

Helps keep skin hydrated and tissue regeneration. It increases the elasticity, suppleness and softness of the skin. The skin is thus more resilient against external aggressions and strengthened to fight dehydration wrinkles.

Coenzyme Q-10

An antioxidant present in every cell, it is responsible for proper cell function. Its natural production decreases with age.


A trace element essential for the proper functioning of epidermal cells, it also has antibacterial properties.

Vitamin e

Antioxidant known for its anti-photoaging (sun-caused) properties.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is known for its brightening properties. It is one of the most powerful active ingredients in stimulating natural collagen production. The improved (fat-soluble) version of this vitamin is absorbed up to 5 times better by the skin than conventional vitamin C.



With an exceptionally low molecular weight of only 2000Da, it ensures optimal absorption, allowing your body to take full advantage of the benefits of collagen to regenerate and rejuvenate your skin from the inside out.

Each serving contains 5g of collagen, a dose carefully considered to align the natural benefits of collagen with your skin’s daily needs. In fact, it’s the ideal amount recommended by experts for more hydrated, firm skin, and a visibly improved complexion.

Easy to integrate into your daily routine, with a vanilla and red fruit flavour you’ll love, our collagen is more than a supplement – it’s your everyday beauty ally for healthy-looking skin. Join the movement and experience transformed skin!

directions for use.

30-day treatment:

1 stick per day to be diluted in 100ml of water, juice, smoothie or yoghurt according to your preference.

Stir and let stand for 1 minute until the powder is completely dissolved.

For an intensive treatment, you can take 2 sticks a day for 30 days.