A.P.S AOX 200ml



APS lotions allow you to customize the cleansing and revitalizing step of the skin in your face care. They are designed for use with the celestetic Hydro-microdermabrasion device, the AquaPeel.

At Celestetic, we attach great importance to the personalization of each treatment, to allow you to precisely meet the demands and needs of each of your clients.

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aps aox

Illuminating anti-aging lotion

An ideal solution for toning skin attacked by the sun, stress and bad habits of everyday life. Used with AquaPeel, APS AOX lotion restores life and radiance to dull complexions and acts on pigment spots. Vitamin C and vitamin B3 present in large quantities in its formula act in synergy to provide an ultra-powerful antioxidant action. Alpha lipoic acid works to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. After the treatment, the complexion is visibly brighter, the skin is smoother and radiant with light.

A.P.S AOX- An ideal solution with Vitamin C to revive skin that has been damaged by the sun and daily stress. Restores radiance to dull complexions.